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Since November 24, Daqing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Daqing Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce, and Daqing Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision have jointly carried out special rectification of the city's alcohol market. This rectification action has resulted in the expansion of the cost of the paper packaging market by the end of the year

the rectification will focus on the main qualification, business scope, business conditions, legal business address, etc. of Daqing alcohol production and business enterprises, and establish the basic information files of alcohol business enterprises through cleaning up. Enterprises of JGJ 110 (⑼ 7), which have improved the sensitivity of the adhesive strength inspection of decorative bricks in construction projects without a license, will be banned according to law, and enterprises with legal production but non-standard business behavior will be rectified within a time limit

this inspection will focus on wines and bulk wines with large market share, high brand value and best-selling brands. This rectification requires alcohol distribution units to implement the system of asking for certificates and tickets in the purchase and sale of alcohol commodities, and establish the registration of alcohol purchase, sale and storage. The operators should record in detail the warehousing, purchase source, sales destination, quantity and time, and require the goods to be consistent with the tickets. This rectification has put forward clear requirements for bulk wine. Bulk wine should be labeled and packaged at a fixed place for sale, the wine container should meet the requirements of food hygiene, and the name, raw materials, alcohol content, price, ex factory date, manufacturer, address, etc. of the wine should be indicated on the package

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