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The special project for the development of major scientific instruments and equipment of the laser spectrometer of Sichuan University was launched.

recently, the launch meeting of the special project for the development of national major scientific instruments and equipment of "R & D and application of innovative multifunctional laser spectral analysis instruments" was held in Chengdu new century Convention and Exhibition Center, with Sichuan University as the project leader and Professor duanyixiang of the research center of the research and development of analytical instruments as the project leader. Zouhui, deputy director of the science and Technology Foundation Department of the Ministry of education, Yan Shijing, deputy director of Sichuan University, and the foreign investment of China's chemical industry should ensure the normal cleanliness of the metallographic microscope, and the annual growth rate should reach about 80%. The president, the relevant heads of the Scientific Research Institute, personnel department, logistics and analysis and testing center of our university, Zhejiang University, China Academy of Geological Sciences, Xi'an Institute of Optics and mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Jilin University, Northwest University, Chengdu University, Chuanqing Geological Research Institute of PetroChina More than 30 experts and scholars from many participating units and user units, such as Changjiang Institute of geological research and Chengdu Steel Vanadium Co., Ltd., attended the kick-off meeting. The kick-off meeting was presided over by huchangwei, President of the scientific research institute

on behalf of Sichuan University, vice president Yan Shijing first welcomed the leaders and experts present at the meeting and expressed heartfelt thanks to the Ministry of education for its support for the project. In his speech, he stressed that as one of the leading units of the first batch of national major instrument development special projects, the project team of Sichuan university should not only play a leading role, cooperate sincerely with all participating units, and successfully complete the tasks of the project, but also strengthen its own team construction and platform construction, promote the construction of scientific research culture, and accumulate experience in major project management through the implementation of the project, It has achieved internationally leading innovative research results. Sichuan University will also fully support the implementation of the project, and all functional departments will provide services and guarantee for the smooth implementation of the project

zouhui, deputy director of the Foundation Department of the science and Technology Department of the Ministry of education, explained in detail the relevant management methods, acceptance methods and the use of supporting funds for major instrument development projects, standardized the implementation of market classification details and the overall direction of the project testing machine, and announced the composition and responsibilities of the overall project team, technical expert group and user committee

professor duanyixiang, the project leader, made an overall introduction to the project on behalf of the project team, and the task leaders of each participating unit made a detailed introduction to their sub tasks. The experts present at the meeting put forward many useful opinions and suggestions on the performance index of the instrument, the installation, adjustment and detection of the instrument, the practical application, the expandable application space of the instrument, and the conclusion of the acceptance

"R & D and application of innovative multifunctional laser spectral analyzer" kick-off meeting marks that the project has officially entered the substantive research and development stage, and all sub task undertaking units will work in strict accordance with the corresponding planning process under the organization and coordination of Sichuan University

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