Special rectification of the hottest printing bag

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Special rectification of the packaging industry focuses on the use of environmental friendly inks

[ppzhan Abstract] recently, Lanzhou held a special rectification of the packaging and printing industry. It is reported that in this work, the municipal inspection team supervised and inspected the packaging and printing enterprises

according to the staff of the inspection team of Lanzhou Bureau of quality and technical supervision, according to the unified arrangement of the municipal government, the special rectification work of Lanzhou packaging and printing industry officially began. By the end of 2014, all the packaging and printing industries in the city will be forced to use inks with environmental protection signs and water-soluble solvents that cannot be disconnected and have low toxicity and volatility, and other non environmental friendly inks and solvents with toxic and harmful substances exceeding the standard are prohibited

it is understood that in this special rectification activity, the municipal inspection team will investigate the packaging and printing enterprises in the city one by one, and supervise and inspect the packaging and printing enterprises. Focus on the inspection of the quality inspection report, quality mark standard system (environmental protection, production license, etc.), safety technical instructions and other relevant supporting documents of the packaging and printing enterprises using inks and solvent products, and verify the authenticity of the relevant contents, so that the daily supervision and inspection team can be combined with the product quality inspection, and the use of unqualified, no production license, counterfeit inks Entrepreneurs of solvents or enterprises whose rectification is not in place shall be investigated and dealt with according to relevant regulations. Packaging and printing that do not conform to the existing national industrial policies and industrial plans. 3. Use the cylinder reset key (4) other enterprises that can make the cylinder piston rise or fall to the set position to rectify or suggest the industrial and commercial departments to ban it. Give priority to enterprises that comply with the existing national industrial policies and industrial plans and use inks and solvents that meet the specified requirements

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